Meet Enomotion

Our company was founded by a group of viticulture and enology graduates with a passion for wine. Each of us hails from a different country, and we bring together much international experience and expertise within the wine industry. We came together with an idea and a desire to bring some of Europe’s greatest wines together in monthly packages, and to simplify the wine-buying experience that can be a bit of a guessing game. We take some of that stress away by thoroughly researching each wine that we include in your packages. We tour the wineries and vineyards, learn everything that we can about the grape growing and winemaking practices, taste the wines with the owners and winemakers, and only select the best to send to you.

We want to highlight smaller-scale wineries that are making great wines and implementing sustainable practices by telling their unique stories. All of this information is shared to our consumers in various formats so that you can enhance your wine drinking experience and learn more about the world of wine. Complementary to each subscription, you will have access to videos, virtual tours, virtual tastings with us and other winemakers, articles, tasting notes, food pairings, and more.

Our philosophy

The name Enomotion was the creative outcome of what our company hopes to represent. Eno (sometimes written as oeno) comes from Greek and means “wine,” as is used in words such as enology and enologist. Motion, of course, refers to movement and transportation. This is in reference to the idea of moving wine between countries within the European Union and shipping. It also is indicative of sharing ideas and experiences, because we believe that each subscription is just that: wine tourism and learning about different wine regions across Europe.
Therefore it is the transportation of ideas, cultures, experiences, and products. By subscribing to Enomotion Wine Club, you will have access to some of the best wines from across Europe, and you also have the opportunity to learn about and see photos and videos from those regions. This is a form of virtual tourism. In addition to this, Enomotion sounds similar to emotion, which is exactly what we hope to invoke through these wines. We want you to be transported, and to experience the wines and the regions through your senses. Wine is a romantic product that poets and scholars have written about for centuries, and with good reason! Wine has the ability to transport you outside of your present environment to feel heightened emotions. By the combination of all of these definitions within the word Enomotion, we want to summarize what our company stands for and the shared experience that you can be a part of by joining today.

Join today

Enomotion wine club offers monthly wine packages of 3 or 6 bottles, delivered directly to your door. We also provide exclusive content to help you learn about the vineyard and winemaking practices, the region, how to taste wine, and more. This content can be in the form of videos, photos, articles, and more. Additionally, our members are given the opportunity to engage with other like-minded wine lovers and exchange their experience and knowledge. Wine is all about sharing, and we want to create a community that enables just that. Join Enomotion today to get started on your wine journey!

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