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Tasting Card

A tasting card or grid can be a useful tool to help you along as you taste different wines. It can also help you to compare several wines, especially if you will be tasting multiple wines in one sitting. We developed this particular tasting card to be really easy to use and interactive. You can fill in all of the information about the wine (or leave this top section blank or make guesses if tasting the wines blindly), and then make notes about the visual aspects and appearance of the wine, the smell (called the nose), and the taste (called the mouth) of the wine. This tasting card is especially great if you are new to tasting wines, because you can circle what you see/smell/taste and in the future this can help to train your brain about what it is that you recognize in a wine. There is also lots of space on this card to leave additional comments. Remember, there are no wrong answers when tasting wine, so feel free to say what you think! Then finally, you can give the wine an overall rating out of five stars. 

This tasting card is just one example of the different cards that are out there, and you can modify or adapt this one as needed. 

Feel free to download this card, print it, or use it on your computer as you taste your Enomotion wines! Also be sure to participate in future tastings with us, and with other winemakers. We will share our comments, invite you to share yours, and you can taste along with us! Cheers, and bonne dégustation!